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EORN,Intl was established in 2018 to educate and empower nurses who use essential oils as part of their self-care routine, integrate them in to use in traditional health-care settings through education and evidence-based protocols; and in wealth-care principles that will let them leverage their skills beyond the bedside. 

  • Annual Essential Oil Nurses Conference

  • Ongoing Education: Webinars / Q&A Sessions / Masterminds

  • Evidence Based Essential Oil Protocols applied in personal and professional practice. 

Why You Should Join Us

Whether you are building a business or introducing essential oils into health care ... it can start to feel like you are on your own. Trying to figure out on your own seem like it's taking a life time... and are you getting anywhere?? 

You are not alone, there are thousands of like minded nurses - and other essential oil enthusiasts working to incorporate evidence based essential oils into health care. 

This is a space to connect and collaborate with like minded health care professionals. A place for nurses to find their voice in their area of passion. It is a space designed for sharing  the challenges, and finding solutions - for health care, self care and wealth care. 

We cut through all the noise of what we know and do not know about essential oils and apply all levels of evidence to a practice that is based on science, not just stories. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to every nurse who has had that "ah-ha moment" with essential oils, that moment when you were able to use an essential oils to solve a health care problem - yours or for a loved one... and then couldn't stay silent. Thank you for leaning into something that may have seemed a little crazy, for gathering the evidence and changing your practice! That's what it takes, to change the world! 

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