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• Every time we get together, I am inspired. This group reminds me that I am not alone - that gives me the confidence to continue to share essential oils with my colleagues. I am assured that I do know what I am talking about, thanks for all the science!

• I went a long time before I knew that there were other Essential Oil Nurses - thank you for doing all the work that you do to make sure that we have the tools that we need to educate others as well as for our own health care.

• So much content, all evidence based... I love it. I love this resource!

3 Pillars of Essential Oil Nurse Life

empowering tips and tools for your personal and professional practice:

Health Care

Protocols to support body systems

Relevant topics to safeguard professional practice and regulatory issues

Self Care

You cannot pour from an empty cup! Essential Oils for Physical, Emotions

Wealth Care

Tips and tools for your Nurse Career - Private Practice - Financial Planning


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Essential Oil Nurses exists to empower and educate, to collaborate and connect, to make health care better by incorporating evidence based essential oils into personal and professional health care practices. Designed for nurses, open to everyone who wants to learn with and from nurses.

Since 2018, Juli and Kathi have been teaming up to help nurses use essential oils as part of their self-care routine, integrate them in to use in traditional health-care settings through education and evidence-based protocols, and to educate nurses in wealth-care principles that will let them leverage their skills beyond the bedside. A big part of that is collaboration and connecting nurses world wide, to make the voice of essential oils nurse heard.

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